There are a variety of ways to invest in Witan and Witan Pacific.

Witan Wisdom Share Plan - A basic, plain vanilla savings scheme.

Witan Wisdom ISA - Allows you to take advantage of the benefits of an ISA (Individual Savings Account).

Witan Wisdom Transfer ISA - Transfer existing ISA's to Witan Wisdom.


Jump offers savings schemes specifically designed for adults to save on behalf of a child which invests into Witan Investment Trust.

Jump Savings Plan - A flexible savings scheme allowing you to invest as much as you wish and can be accessed at any time

Jump Junior ISA - The new childrens savings account product

CTF Transfers – Transfer your existing Child Trust Fund account to Jump



Witan and Witan Pacific can be purchased through Witan Wisdom (Witan's savings platform) via a variety of product wrappers.


Both investment trusts can be purchased through a variety of wrap providers.


As well as investing through the Witan Wisdom service, you can buy shares in our investment trusts through a stockbroker or execution only dealing service.

Information on how to find a stock broker can be found on the
Financial Conduct Authority site


Share Fraud Warning

Share fraud includes scams where investors are called out of the blue and offered shares that often turn out to be worthless or non-existent, or an inflated price for shares they own. These calls come from fraudsters operating in 'boiler rooms' that are mostly based abroad. While high profits are promised, those who buy or sell shares in this way usually lose their money. Click here to find out more about these scams and how you can protect yourself.


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